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Business Opportunity at Little Impressions

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Little Impressions - the market

Even in the UK, an advanced Western Society with only replacement level birth rates, 800,000 babies are born each year.This gives us a potential market of some 4 million 0-5 year olds and a total market of 8 million 0-10 year olds. At even a conservative 5% conversion rate, all our franchisees have a viable business within a manageable - and local - home base radius.

Think of all those parents, grandparents and godparents who would love sets of Little Impressions for Christmas, birthdays, christenings, Mothers' and Fathers' days.

And once customers have taken their first Little Impression, virtually all of them come back with their second, third and fourth babies.

When it comes to our children, most parents don't think about the cost. But Little Impressions cast and frame sets are priced competitively, at a level that is discretionary but won't break the bank.

This is a proven - and constantly renewing - market.


Little Impressions - the franchise

Customers cannot fail to be impressed by the professionally designed and manufactured Little Impressions castings and frames and the professional workshop equipment designed to fit your home or a suitable property.

The concept is bright, attractive and professional. The work area is prepared, and equipped in readiness for the launch of the Little Impressions business in your chosen territory.

The Little Impressions operation clearly addresses a market need for the service. The benefit of this opportunity is now available to suitably qualified individuals.


Little Impressions - the organisation

Little Impressions is owned and managed by successful business people. Our team includes ex-franchisors who have over 25 years of franchising experience behind them

Our headquarters are in South London where all central functions including accounting, marketing and operations are based. Our web site already incorporates overall product information and direct links to each franchise - providing swift and useful service information for our clients, indicating their nearest franchisees and the range of services we provide.

And we intend to develop further interactive services including a 'firewalled' intranet for the exclusive use of franchisees. This will enable the fast dissemination of up-to-date information through the network of franchisees and provide news and training updates. Ultimately, the introduction of e-commerce will create new opportunities to maximise the closeness of our franchisees to their clients.


The franchise opportunity

By acquiring a Little Impressions franchise, you will be investing in a tried and tested business and will have the rights to develop an identical system in your own exclusive territory. You will have access to intellectual property, manuals, training, marketing, public relations and merchandising techniques. You will have the continuing support of the franchise development team as well as benefiting from our purchasing programmes.

The franchise package includes the preparation and supply of a fully equipped workshop. Assistance in the setting up and launch of a Little Impressions franchise in your community is provided. The franchise also includes the rights to expand the business further.

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