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Creating your own work/life balance

When I was bringing up my children I did not want to go out to work - I wanted to be at home for them. But I also wanted my own business and to make money!

My husband encouraged me to use my artistic skills and to create a business that I could run alongside the inevitable household tasks, school runs, term times and holidays. I had to find an idea that would be both interesting and profitable, and could be combined with home life. It had to be creative, and something I could do in the limited space of our home without interfering with its looks and layout.

In other words I was looking for the ideal of a business I could balance with my life. When our own children were babies I made casts of their hands as Christmas presents for my husband. He had always loved them - and suggested that I could do them for other parents. That's how I started casting impressions of hands and feet (even the occasional paws!).

I had difficulty in finding deep box frames to set off the casts - so I learnt to frame and had some oak milled to my own specification. The idea worked. And after a few trials to find the best materials and processes, I was ready to launch into my local community.

With some samples displayed in local shops and a few stories in the press, the phone started to ring and before I knew it, a steady stream of people were making appointments to bring their children for a 'Little Impressions' casting.

Over the years, the business grew. I was able to conduct it, literally from my kitchen table. And by limiting my appointments I could combine it with family life. Working about three days a week and taking school holidays off, I generated between £25,000 and £30,000 a year.

After 10 years in business we felt the time was right to expand and decided that franchising would provide the ideal format for a network of dedicated owner operators to run a creative and rewarding business from home or a studio.

The pilot franchise, launched to prove the viability of the concept, grew at a far faster rate than my original business. And since our official launch in October 2001 we have opened new franchises at the rate of approximately one per month.

Behind the franchise programme are experienced business people with strong track records in the art and framing business, franchising, intellectual property and marketing. We have established relationships with companies that provide equipment and materials at preferential rates and group deals with complimentary businesses that can refer clients to our franchisees.

Little Impressions is a well positioned, home based franchise operation with an established reputation and image. We are ready to help you build a business in your area. We hope you will find the following information useful and informative, and look forward to receiving your enquiry and welcoming you to see Little Impressions in action.

Fiona North
Founder Little Impressions

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