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Types of impressions

For little more than the cost of some “do it yourself” kits, you can have a hand crafted, professionally finished and framed single cast of your little one’s hand or foot.

Using a simple and quick clay moulding technique, we create high quality, unique three-dimensional casts, which preserve an image of your child’s hands or feet in perfect detail forever.

From about six weeks, individual children, sets of twins, even threes or fours; there are further options to suit every combination. We also frame first shoes and bootees.

This type of art is something you buy once, and it is something you will have on your wall for years before you hand down from generation to generation.

We have a number of locations across the UK and Ireland, covering much of the country. Currently, we do not have cover in Northern Ireland, but we do in Southern Ireland. We are growing all the time and even if a journey is needed, you will find it worth every mile.



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Your Little Impressions gift experience entitles you to a high quality, unique three dimensional cast, which preserves an image of your child’s hands or feet in perfect detail, forever.

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